QUIDS IN is a student enterprise with a mission to develop a new generation of financially informed and confident students. Members collectively manage an investment portfolio and justify their trading decisions live on University Radio. Quids In will soon expand to UK Universities providing the platform for competition between the brightest student traders Britain has to offer.

It all started in September 2015 when the Quids In founders began their investment banking application process. Through research, interviews and networking it became clear that just knowing your stuff was not enough to break into banking. Banks were looking for young individuals who knew their stuff and could communicate that knowledge effectively. They realised that much of the support provided by their University’s economics society did an excellent job with the former but practise in communication and persuasion was rare. Out of this realisation Quids In was born; an investment fund and radio show that gives students the opportunity to learn to trade and tell the world about their big ideas.

Students are taught the tools of fundamental and technical analysis. With this toolset, they work in teams to evaluate equities, currencies and bonds and decide on stock proposals. They bring these ideas to the weekly radio show where each student has just three minutes to persuade the audience their proposal is worth investing in. The hosts scrutinise their suggestions, ensuring students learn to respond quickly and fluently. This experience boosts student’s confidence and speaking skills, perfect practice for high-pressure interviews and jobs. On top of this students have the opportunity to debate the latest economic news and write market round-ups and stock proposals for this website.

The fund uses virtual cash and collectively decides which stock proposals are included in the portfolio. The Nottingham fund has six divisions; forex, fixed income, industrials, energy and technology.

“Being able to conduct and present my own research on companies to the committee and live on the University Radio has greatly contributed to my growing confidence that one day I will successfully be able to start a career in the financial markets.” – Trishal Shah

I have really enjoyed being a part of Quids In. I was initially daunted at first as a beginner to investing but have found the steep learning curve to be very interesting. I like the organisational structure of the fund and feel completely comfortable asking my division manager for advice.” – James O’Connell

After the resounding success in the University of Nottingham, Quids In is expanding.  The Quids In University Investment League starts in September 2016. It provides the platform for Universities to compete to become the best performing fund and best radio show.

As one of the founding members of Quids In you play a part in making this innovative project a reality. You gain an insight into how changes in the economy and the political climate affect markets and you apply these insights to real decisions with real money. Not only that you must justify your decisions live on the radio, emulating how you would do it on the job. The combination of financial knowledge and the ability to communicate is what makes a great banker and Quids In develops both. Becoming an analyst with Quids In will help you excel in finance interviews and provides the opportunity to make money. With 8 divisions to choose from, you will become an expert in your sector leading to considered investment recommendations. As Quids In expands you will be part of a team that competes with other Universities for Quids In’s best performing fund, an exciting opportunity to prove what you are made of.

Opportunities re-open in September 2016.

Hi! We’re Laurence and George, Economics students from the University of Nottingham. Finance profoundly affects the world we live in today. We wanted to create an experience that gets students excited about markets while developing skills that will help them land their dream jobs.